Core Innovation Themes We Are Following


Blurred Reality: People are navigating the blurry landscape of reality that is augmented, virtual, alternative and mixed. They are in the midst of aligning their minds around the thrill of transformative novelty intersecting with the threat of mind manipulation. The opportunity here is to gain a deeper understanding of human desire and how these new technologies will influence long term consumer behavior once the buzz has worn off.

Mind Quest: As artificial intelligence becomes more seamlessly woven into the fabric of our society through macro-level data processing and personal conveniences such as Alexa, there will be an increasing demand for new ways to learn, absorb content and utilize the potential our minds. Mindfulness and quantum science will become more integrated into the people side of business as a way to cope with the massive wave of content we are asked to absorb - in order to improve performance and satisfaction. The opportunity is to relate to human minds in a more elevated and growth-oriented manner.

Dispersed Creation: Businesses are moving from centralized mass production for products and services to more dispersed, flexible and concurrent ways to create. Micro-manufacturing will likely thrive as a more economical and sustainable option. This is the next phase in crowd-sourcing. Think micro-creation and new ownership models with protection of IP through blockchain and crypto. Will shift the way we think about investing in assets and managing people for more greater flexibility, more ability to harness resource and organizational efficiency. Opportunity is to innovation on the way we create and produce what’s next.

Authentic Craft

The more that sophisticated personal technology becomes ubiquitous and expected, the more people will crave the tangibility and authenticity and creations that are the work of our hands. Artisanal products and experience, using sensorial delights will thrive in the marketplace as an antidote to virtual anonymity. Note that design craft still related to objects of digitization, especially through the lens of sustainable design. Experiences or connections to celebrities as marketers will benefit from a more authentic and broader alignment with talent. Opportunity is to think of every product and experience you make through the lens of craftsmanship and sensorial customer interaction.

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