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Michael Perman is an innovation leader

With physical distance, teams are often lacking alignment, engagement and a clear understanding of the best path forward.


How might you best lead? What are the essential questions you should address as you rethink and emerge into our new era? 

RELAUNCH/ESSENTIAL provides the basis for executive and strategic alignment. We focus on in-depth stakeholder interviews with peers, thought-leaders, end-users and front line workers to illuminate key issues and emerging trends that inform your path forward. 

We are in the midst of massive changes that blur our view of the future and rattle our confidence daily. Many feel disoriented and are CRAVING to be grounded with clarity about potential future scenarios. Extraordinary empathy, deep listening and insight are needed more than ever as we establish the new normal.

At the same time, we experience a fantastic window of opportunity to rethink how we move forward and let go of our assumptions from the past.

RELAUNCH/ESSENTIAL efficiently blends professionally moderated conversations and a concise workshop with an innovation care package designed to calm the mind and light the creativity fire inside. Your outcomes? Your team will be empowered see the future differently, to focus and collaborate on the right questions with clarity and confidence, and learn new team skills that beat the typical virtual meeting experience.

This unique and proven method as described in my book, CRAVING THE FUTURE, leverages the transformative power of mindful engagement to shine a light on the most important questions you need to be asking right now. With so much uncertainty, illuminating the right questions for the path forward is essential to your future success.

Now is the ideal moment to create your new future in the most relevant and soulful ways.


Michael has deep experience guiding teams to generate fresh thinking and align on strategic paths forward that intersect with the future. Brand experience includes Levi's, Hyatt, Adidas, Starbucks, US Navy, Gensler Design, Pottery Barn, Banana Republic and more. Check out these films to learn more.

Interesting! how will this flow? 


countdown to outcomes: 3. 2. 1. 0.

3. Ready

One-hour planning session with team leader to accurately frame your situation into a clear and compelling innovation challenge on which your team will focus. We will also prep for optimal team engagement, establishing the right expectations and ideas to explore prior to the workshop.

2. GET Set

Team members receive CRAVING THE FUTURE innovation care package including book, engaging pre-think questions to establish a mindset of exploration, and video links to calm and inspire the mind.  We then conduct deep listening conversations with team members to deeply listen and share ideas about these pre-think questions, and prepare more effectively for the workshop.

1. Go

Two-hour virtual innovation workshop, leveraging creative strategies that enables your team to align on the highest value questions to resolve. First, we engage mindfully to recognize and calibrate with the teams’ present state of mind.  We then move forward with a fresh and collaborative approach that results in your team defining the highest impact zones to prioritize moving forward.

0. Grow

One week after the virtual session, you will receive an easily shareable outcomes document and short film that summarizes themes and captures key team statements  This will be delivered via a one-hour executive coaching call, where we can also discuss potential implications and team dynamics.

Michael Perman leads innovation and brand strategy workshops

INNOVATION CARE PACKage for your team

Each team member (up to the optimal number of six) will receive a special innovation care package to make the virtual workshop experience more engaging and interactive. providing Sensory relief from boring Zoom calls!

Michael Perman is the author of Craving the Future

Copy of Michael Perman’s book,
CRAVING THE FUTURE, which features inspiring stories and practical methods for creating the future you desire.


CRAVING THE FUTURE discovery tools that guide your team through new ways of thinking

Links to mind expanding films to inspire ideas and expand creativity.


Mindfulness recordings to calm the mind, fostering clear and strategic thinking for the future. 

Planning, team conversations, care package, virtual workshop and follow up package 

I wish to learn more!

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