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We produce immersive innovation experiences that reveal emerging trends, coalesce

disruptive future strategies and build creative culture for the most forward-thinking organizations.

01. Quest Defined:

What do we wish to discover?  What is your ultimately inspiring innovation challenge, and why?


02. Curious Clues:

What are the intriguing notions of today that may become mainstream soon?

03. Brilliant Minds:  Whose minds might we tap for co-creation, expansive thinking and human-centered design insights?

04. Coalesce Platforms:

Based on disparate insights and facts, how best to design meaningful innovation platforms that can generate a pipeline of growth over several years?

05. Vivid Concepts:  Not all innovation concepts are equal.  Our format vividly depicts the depth of a potential product or experience, evoking human truths, providing imaginative co-creation for things that are yet to exist.

06. Co-Creation:

Even the best concepts yearn for co-creation with bright minds who can add fresh perspectives.  We deploy best practice co-creation to move ideas from “fuzzy to fruition.”


We are in the business of helping organizations see the future 3-7 years forward, and then developing innovation strategies that help them create what’s coming next. In so doing, we build your organization’s capacity for innovation, build innovation culture and transform the minds of everyone involved. We are purveyors of mindfully crafted innovation futures.


We mindfully craft each initiative, designing for humans at the center, navigating organizational realities, and delivering the most meaningful innovation platforms imaginable.  Let’s travel on the innovation journey together, discovering and creating the future in methodical and joyful ways.

What is on your mind right now?

What we do

Strategy and platforms

Our secret sauce is pattern recognition and the ability to coalesce abstract notions into solid innovation platforms and strategies. Will the innovation strategy marry well with your business strategy? Does the strategy have legs? Does it inspire imagination? Can you gather the talent and resources to make innovation happen?  We will help assess all the factors, and pick the right lanes on the road ahead.

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