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Book Michael Perman for your next innovation keynote.
Michael Perman, Head of C’EST WHAT? LLC, is a memorable, non-traditional futurist keynote speaker who creates engaging audience experiences that feel like creativity immersions.

For speaking engagements, contact Michael's agent:
Michael Frick at 

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Phone number: 1-760-656-8770

Michael Perman is a dynamic and creative keynote speaker who will deliver a memorable experience for your team events

Below are five presentation options

available to your organization

01. Building Creative Cultures

Building Creative Cultures - For organizations that want to drive more creativity and innovation in their culture, leading to growth and employee satisfaction.  Michael will reveal the right behaviors, tools, insights and ways of working that lead to more innovative, growth-oriented cultures.  The presentation, accompanied by music, film, interesting graphics and stories will inform and entertain your audience. This presentation is for organizations who want to see creativity flourish and people motivated. Book Michael

“Michael was definitely our most innovative Master of Ceremony. He turned our Design Thinking Forum into a masterpiece.”

Heather McKenzie, Senior Producer,
Marcus Evans

02. craving: the innovation connection

Innovation emerges from deep insights about WHAT PEOPLE CRAVE in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. It's the fundamental key to unlocking creativity and innovation in any product and services industry and in any business function. In this presentation, Michael shares his experience, wisdom and advice from conducting hundreds of insights sessions and dozens of innovation workshops that  You’ll hear curious stories about courage and creativity, leading to an applicable framework that not only provides the roadmap ahead, but instills the process with both heart and mind.   This presentation is great for organizations trying to transform, grow and innovate. Book Michael.

03. live music experience

Unlock your big creative muse.

Music and song are vital to the creative process. They humanize our intellect and give voice to our emotions. Lyrics and stories connect us to something greater, opening up a world of possibilities. In this experience your people will learn to create songs and have a full rock band play their stories live and improvisational.  Creativity is what happens when we are deeply engaged in the things we believe in - and they will be engaged!

Grammy and Emmy nominated musician, author, and Kellogg School of Management alumnus, Peter Himmelman and his BIG MUSE team will show you a quick, fun, and effective way to build a high performance team. Partnering with Michael Perman and the C'EST WHAT? team - and you have a game-changing set of experiences and tools to drive creativity and innovation for your event, conference and your organization.


This powerful duo will craft a memorable experience that ignites energy among thousands of people. And, then take that energy to enable a very focused and strategic perspective for a core team of leaders. People who attend your event will record this as one of the most memorable and powerful experiences of their career. Your team will depart inspired to create what's next!

Book Michael AND Peter.

“Michael was amazing at delivering the humor and insight our audience loves and other people gravitate to. He’s an incredible speaker and has great presence with the audience.”

Jeffrey Friedman,

Head of Production,
Brain Exchange

04. mindful innovation

Mindful Innovation: “Mindful Innovation” is an advanced level of Design Thinking that accesses deeper levels of empathy and collective consciousness - liberating more holistic ideation. The technique also leverages meditation and social consciousness as contemporary tools that enable organizations to develop more purpose-driven cultures where employees thrive in greater harmony.  In this presentation, Michael Perman shares ideas from years of experience implementing Design Thinking.  You’ll learn how your organization can evolve and thrive amidst a higher level of consciousness.  You’ll also feel really peaceful, relaxed and inspired to create what’s next.

Book Michael.

“Michael connects with an audience, opening up their minds by opening up his heart. We crave innovation, we fear complexity, but we find comfort in connection; and Michael helps us with all three.”

John Harris, President and CEO,
Worldwide Partners, Inc.



William Gibson once said, “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” In this presentation, Michael Perman shares emerging trends through his careful analysis and pattern recognition of “CURIOUS CLUES.” Michael can customize his presentation for your industry, and share concepts about what’s emerging. Michael is an experienced futurist and will share exciting possibilities about what’s coming next in your industry. Book Michael.

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