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the Mindful Innovation firm.  Michael galvanizes teams and whole organizations to think and act differently, conceiving bold new visions for the future, generating specific strategies and concepts and then moving these initiatives from fuzzy to fruition.  Michael’s purpose in life is to inspire creativity in others and to help people perceive new realities for their personal and professional lives.

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Nina Byrd and Michael Perman collaborate


Nina Byrd is a corporate and brand strategist, providing advisement to executives for over 10 years. She challenges all organizations to become more human. Hailing from NY her robust experience spans organizational development, strategic planning and brand communications.


Her equity-led approach to human-centered design encompasses a holistic range of methodologies. This non-traditional approach has allowed executive teams in industries such as healthcare, education, government, and tech to thrive. Additionally, her ability to deeply question and think outside of the box allows for a level of creative collaboration that aligns and motives teams on a path forward.


Our team of mindful humans serves up a tasty menu of innovation talent.

Our team has deep expertise in foresights, insights, enterprise consulting, brand leadership, brand strategy, design strategy, branding, organizational psychology, cultural currency and creative development.




Organizations are creative living systems. They are either evolving, renewing and advancing; leading and influencing their industry and society. Or they are hanging onto levels of mediocrity—protecting status quo. Thom bridges the disciplines of science and design to help advance an organization’s development. The science side is a behavioral strategist who assesses and evaluates the cultural, leadership and strategic dynamics of organizations by having a centric view of who they are in their industry and how they align with their customers. The design side is in helping to develop and drive the strategy and approach for organizational innovation and change. He brings a fearless and compassionate approach to creatively disrupting outdate patterns and focusing leadership discussions and trade-off decisions.

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is a human-centered UX & product design expert who artfully combines research, innovation strategy with design to build ideas into products that meaningfully define our future. She believes that cross-functional, collaborative teams are the best approach to product innovation in an omni-channel world. Kandice is an expansive thinker and energetic workshop leader, guiding what's next.   Client experience includes Samsung, Kodak, VF Corp Macy's, Target, CBS and other startup brands. 

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Peter Himmelman is a Grammy and Emmy nominated songwriter, author, visual artist, and graduate of The Kellogg School of Business’s Advanced Management Program. His singular knack for creativity is being leveraged by Fortune 500 corporations and leading business schools to increase innovative thinking.  He is the creator of BIG MUSE, the ultimate event experience designed to unlock creativity in your organization.

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