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Peter Himmelman Says Let Me Out!


Book review by Futurist, Creator and Founder of C’EST WHAT?

Peter Himmelman is a compassionate man who lives on the brighter side of life, brilliantly close to the heat of the sun. He’s fused with the genesis of creativity.

His prolific fountain of music, art and story emerges from being mindful. He notices the moments and nuances from fleeting experiences that are happening amidst his sphere, minute by minute, expression by expression.

He coalesces seemingly unconnected thoughts, images and ideas. They become the design of narratives and music that indelibly etch an emotionally resonant tattoo on our souls. Peter has the intuitive foresight to interpret the context in which humans relate to each other. He’s there for us, as expressed in one of my favorite Himmelman tunes, “Mission of My Soul”

“When you need confession, I’m there to listen.

When you’re crossing the ocean, I’ve got a boat to row.

When you need attention, your audience won’t be missing.

That’s the mission of my soul”

Peter’s latest mission is to help everyone else unleash their personal creativity and transcend the obstacles that commonly stall our own creative energy. His new book, LET ME OUT reveals ways to unlock your creative mind and bring your ideas to life.

We often wonder from where does creativity emerge, especially among artists who make it look so easy. Does it really come from a flash of inspiration? The intersection of magic and circumstances? Or, is creativity more considered?

Peter believes there are moments of conception and gestation.