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Being Present For Your Future

Being Present For Your Future

Being Present For Your Future Joy

Have you experienced a farmers’ market where the sensory immersion of aromas and panoramic palettes among culinary creators wakes up your brain? Were you present at that moment?

I dream of open markets in Jerusalem, where paprika, oregano, dates, and olives are nestled in symmetrical piles, for endless feasting on the future joy of culinary creations.

Joy is an elusive concept because each of us has a unique story of what joy has been and a vague understanding of what future joy may be.

Want a clue? Neuroeconomist Dr. Paul Zak, has discovered a recipe for joy based on his scientific research, which is published in his book: Immersion, the Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of Happiness.

One key finding is that emotionally charged immersion experiences can elevate oxytocin and dopamine which provide us with a feeling of calm and joy, and deep memories. After orchestrating dozens of immersive experiences, I have seen, indeed, how group immersions into the present foster future thinking.

Perceiving the future begins by being present, welcoming a non-judgmental appreciation for every moment, even when the moment is full of stress or confusion.

Being present for your future comes from unveiling your perception skills, which often hide amidst the noise and the chatter of digital blizzards and realities that consume us, preventing us from innovating our lives. Innovation is simply the ability to perceive alternative realities and the courage to move toward those visions. Perceiving new realities comes with interpreting your future scenarios and following clues in your mind with heightened curiosity. Feels like imagining what is in the space between sunset or sunrise on the beach, between what has been and what could be. It is a joy. Care to explore what’s next? Join me and 24 thought partners on a private beach resort in Baja, April 23-30, an immersive and mind-opening experience that enables you to Be Present for Your Future.


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